Technology provides solution to combat drought


    In recent years, drought has become a growing problem in just about every region on the planet. With drought impacting the planet, some are looking to technology for a way out.

    In parts of Morocco, farmers are facing a daily struggle. Temperatures are rising, and rain is no longer as dependable. But, there’s a bright spot.

    An organization called “Man and Environment” set up two water pumps, powered by the sun and it appears to be helping.

    In the past, farmers used diesel-powered generators to pump up groundwater. They were inefficient, expensive and polluted the air.

    Ingenuity and technology providing a path ahead. And new ideas are being developed including one that could convert fog into water.

    But the challenges are many and regionally specific. In southwestern Iran, pistachio trees, dead and bleached of all color.

    That’s a major concern considering pistachios are Iran’s biggest export after crude oil. Over-farming has depleted underground water reserves. Some farmers have installed drip-irrigation systems which help conserve water.

    But those systems are expensive and many farmers simply can’t afford them. So pistachios keep drying up. The Iranian government is considering financial incentives to encourage water conservation.

    Albert Cho on technologies being used to manage global drought
    Is technology the best solution when it comes to handling things like droughts? For more, CCTV America’s Asieh Namdar spoke to Albert Cho, vice president for Strategy and Business Development at Xylem Incorporated.