Friday, August 18, 2017
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Engineers have long sought inspiration from nature, and one of nature’s most inspiring specimens is the gecko, that fearlessly climbing lizard with the power to stick to walls and ceilings.

Experiments also reveal that rats are ticklish in similar places to humans. Like people, rats are ticklish.

On Monday, 14 November, the moon will be the biggest and brightest it has been in more than 60 years.

One of the most demonised patients in history - Gaetan Dugas - has been convincingly cleared of claims he spread HIV to the US,...

Train delays caused by leaves on the track could soon be a thing of the past, with a new invention that zaps the leaves from the line.

Brain scans discover evidence that dogs process language in a similar way to humans.

The use of a newly-developed mosquito trap incorporating human odour has resulted in a 70% decline in the population of the most significant malaria mosquito on the Kenyan island of Rusinga.

Organoid technology is changing lives by allowing a more personalised approach to medicine.

This week in Science, researchers report that genetic analysis of hundreds of canines reveals that dogs may have been domesticated twice, once in Asia and once in Europe or the Near East

Elon Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX, announced Wednesday morning it planned to send one of its spaceships to Mars by 2018.