Monday, December 11, 2017
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STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — It wasn’t a typical headache that bothered Felicia Luna, 41. It was painful pressure “like someone was squeezing my head really...

Last summer, Stony Brook University’s Global Health Institute teamed up with Vayu, Inc., a Michigan start-up developing drones aiding medical care.

Nanoscience will make major contributions in health care, energy and many other areas, researchers say.

We owe everything to the human civilizations that came before us, from our government structure, to our complex languages, to our modern medicines. Our...

Organoid technology is changing lives by allowing a more personalised approach to medicine.

scientists at the University of Cambridge have built the world’s tiniest engines, powered by light that could revolutionize medicine.

From ancient enemas to tapeworm doctors, Caroline Rance shares seven remarkable moments from medicine’s unpredictable, shocking and frequently gory history.

A European program has been researching how the pharmaceutical industry could use the peptides found in venomous creatures for new therapeutic medicines.

Next time you've got a cough, skip the honey and lemon and grab some chocolate.

2015, believe it or not, was also a year of positive developments, many of which were underreported. 6 examples.