Monday, December 11, 2017
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This article originally appeared on Motherboard Netherlands. Sven van Wege, known online as @BlindwarriorSven, went blind at age six. Still, he's been playing Street Fighter V...

A growing number of people are using computer software and other technology to support the needs of immigrants worldwide.

Eight in 10 Canadians still believe that immigration is good for the country’s economy, a level that hasn’t budged from the previous year, a...

Anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman will be the first woman on the face of a modern U.S. bill.

The message to health care workers in Arizona and around the world: remember compassion, humor and love.

A little magic arrives in the lives of intellectually disabled people today with the opening of a coffee shop in Cape Town dedicated to giving them jobs.

When disaster struck Nepal last year, the world rushed to send donations, resources, and support.

2015, believe it or not, was also a year of positive developments, many of which were underreported. 6 examples.

The implementation of tiny homes as a means to help homelessness and poverty can be a wonderful action for society as a whole.

There have recently been reports from both the US and Europe about syrian refugees feeding the homeless to show their gratitude.