Monday, December 11, 2017
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A co-parenting expert discusses how angry parents can put their children's needs first during a bitter custody battle. I’m still very hurt and bitter after splitting...

Fathers who are emotionally involved with their children and feel confident as a parent are less likely to raise offspring with behavioural problems, research suggests.

Children with older moms are healthier, taller and pursue more education than those born to younger mothers, according to a new study.

Superhero play 'teaches children to negotiate' and gives them 'control over their world'

The puppies of the pet therapy program offered by volunteers of the Greenville Humane Society are great for special kids.

A Kansas State University engineering team is developing a technology collection that can make a big difference in the lives of children with developmental disabilities.

Kindness, consideration, and respect are qualities most parents hope to instill in their children. Here are ten ways to do it.

Can pets provide an important strategy to promote mental and physical health in children? Medscape spoke with Anne M. Gadomski, MD.

'If you discover your 2-year-old is telling a lie, instead of being alarmed, you should celebrate.'

In order to combat the exploitation of Beirut children begging for money for their poor families, a Lebanese supermarket chain, introduced the Good note.